Master's programmes

Study start information

Information relevant for: 
Master students from outside of Norway and the Nordic Counties who will start at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in August 2018.

Detailed information about your specific programme's arrangements is available on the respective programme page. Find your programme at the pages for the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Orientation Week

– This Orientation Week programme is recommended

All of week 33: Monday August 13 - Sunday August 19
Registration required!

We strongly recommend all new master students from outside of Norway and the Nordic countries to attend Orientation Week.

Make sure you register for the arrangement in July!


Matriculation Ceremony

– Compulsory for students from outside of Norway and the Nordic Countries

The Matriculation Ceremony starts at 09:30 at the lawn outside the main building of Campus Gløshaugen.

The Matriculation Ceremony part II at the faculty of Natural Sciences:
Attendance is compulsory for new master students from outside of Norway and the Nordic countries admitted to a MSc programme at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Make sure you are registered upon arrival. 

Tuesday August 14 2018
Time: 13:30
Registration starts: 12:45
Place: Realfagbygget Auditorium R5 

This is the first official day at campus for new master students from outside Norway and the Nordic countries.


Welcome Meeting

– Compulsory for all new 2 year master students

Monday August 20
Time: 09:00-10:30
Place: Realfagbygget Auditorium R7

This is the first meeting for all new 2 year master's students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Attendance is compulsory. Make sure you are registered upon arrival. Registration starts at 08:30.

After this meeting information will continue separate for each master programme.

New Student

– Arrival checklist

A step by step check list helping you with the needed registrations;

New student at NTNU

We recommend you to visit this page prior to your arrival


Corinna Dannert and Arpenik Kroyan are master students and will be your buddies during the first semester. They are here to help you with whatever you need, and will arranges several activities throughout the semester. 

Feel free to contact the buddies on:

On the Facebook group you may in addition to communicate with the buddies get in touch with fellow students prior to your arrival. The Facebook Group is closed and only international students outside of Norway and the Nordic countries at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology are accepted.

The buddies are available from mid-July.

Campus is a labyrinth. With MazeMap (free) on your smartphone it is easier to reach your destination.

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