Plenary Chair /// Annik Magerholm Fet, Vice-Rector NTNU in Ålesund


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09:30 Annik Magerholm Fet
Ingrid Schjølberg
Vice-Rector NTNU in Ålesund
Vice-Dean Research Engineering Faculty, Director NTNU Ocean
Welcome at NTNU Ålesund – Ocean Week 2019
NTNU Oceans – Oceans Research
09:40 Sveinung Rotevatn State Secretary for Climate and the Environment Opportunities in a Sustainable Ocean Economy
10:10 Thina Saltvedt Chief Analyst, Nordea Can Green Finance Save the Ocean?
10:30 TBA Kongsberg Maritime (name to be announced) Can Technology Save the Ocean?
10:50 TBA Greenpeace Maritime (name to be announced) TBA
11:10 Bergljot Landstad Regional og næringssjef region Møre and Romsdal Ocean Strategies and the Region’s Blue Future

Ocean Talks: (11:15-11:30).

Ocean Talks: Sustainability Challenges and Our Blue Vision


LUNCH Cultural Performance from Sunmøre (11:30-12:30)



Safe, Clean and Efficient Exploration of Ocean Resources, Through Low Emission Solutions and Advanced Simulation Technologies
Session chair /// Hans Petter Hildre, NTNU Ålesund


 Time   Speaker   Affiliation Topic 
12.30 Hans Petter Hildre Head of Dept. Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering Introduction
12:40 Jørn Helge Dahl Hexagon The Hydrogen Society
13.05 Jan Kvålsvold DNV-GL Energy Transition Outlook towards 2050 – what could it mean for shipping
13.30 Joel Mills Offshore Simulation Centre Simulation as a tool for Operation planning
13.45 John M. Lervik Cognite Data Liberation: Breaking the barrier between sea and land
Coffee Break (14.10-14.40)
14.40 Niels Henrik Mortensen Technical University of Denmark, DTU Large scale service and maintenance of ocean installations
Ocean research at NTNU in Ålesund - Pitch session
14.50 Hans Petter Hildre Head of Dept. Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering Møre Ocean Lab - Ocean research at NTNU in Ålesund
15.05 Karl Henning Halse Dept. Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering Simulation of critical marine operations, SFI Move
15.20 Houxiang Zhang Dept. Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering Digital Twins Ship, the Gunnerus Case
15.35 Dina M. Aspen Dept. Industrial Economics and Technology Management Decision-Support for Sustainable Oceans
15.50 Vilmar Æsøy Dept. Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering Data analytics for decision support – machine learning
Activities in common Tour around simulators, Food, Pitch session for student companies etc (16.05-19.00)


Blue Proteins: Towards a Sustainable Use of Marine Resources
Session chair /// Ann-Kristin Tveten, Research Coordinator Institute for Biological Sciences


 Time   Speaker   Affiliation Topic 
12.30 Ann-Kristin Tveten Research Coordinator Institute for Biological Sciences Introduction and Welcome
12:40 Ana Carvajal Sintef Ocean Overview of research in the area of Blue Proteins
13.10 Grete Hansen Aas NTNU From residual material to human consumption
13.25 Miroslava Atanasova Møreforsking New species, new markets
13.45 Inge Bruheim Rimfrost Krill as a source of marine protein
Coffee Break (14.10-14.40)
14.40 Ola Ween Møreforsking Latest development in fishmeal
15.00 Margrethe Lundevold Norland Plarva Solution Plastic-eating larvae
15.10 Kristine Kvangarsnes Dept. of Biological Sciences Ålesund TBA
Oceans Talks – Wrap-up (15:20-16:00h
Activities in common Tour around simulators, Food, Pitch session for student companies etc (16.00-19.00h



Annik Magerholm Fet

ANNIK MAGERHOLM FET - Vice Rector of NTNU in Ålesund

Annik Magerholm Fet is the Vice Rector of NTNU in Ålesund. She is also a Professor of Environmental management, Systems engineering and Lifecycle analysis at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU – a position held since 1999. From 2014–2016 she was the Director and Academic head of NTNU's strategic research area on Sustainability.

Professor Fet leads several national and international research projects in global production, environmental management, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and business models for sustainability. Through the Network for Green Growth, funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN), she supports the research group for Green innovation and Business models and looks at opportunities to stimulate cross-disciplinary research activities at NTNU in Ålesund.

Sveinung Rotevatn

SVEINUNG ROTEVATN - Secretary Ministry Climate & Environment

Sveinung Rotevatn was appointed as State Secretary at the Ministry of Climate and Environment on 12 October 2018. Previously he was appointed state secretary at the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Planning on January 17, 2018. He came from a position as a lawyer in Steenstrup Stordrange DA.

Rotevatn was representative of Sogn og Fjordane Venstre in the period 2013-2017. Prior to this he was hired by the Young Liberals (2010–2013) and has had a number of positions in the Liberal Party.


Ingrid Schjølberg is Vice Dean for research and innovation at the Faculty of Engineering. She is professor in Marine Technology and director of NTNU Oceans. Schjølberg is a key player in the Norwegian marine and maritime arena and a member of the expert group at the Norwegian High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy.

NTNU Oceans is one of four strategic research areas at NTNU. NTNU Oceans generates and supports key research activities on maritime transport – autonomous ships; deep-ocean research; polar science and technology; sustainable seafood and marine bio resources; marine minerals and renewables; marine environment, society and sustainability.