Ocean Week Workshop

PLASTIC AND THE OCEAN /// Ocean Week 2018

The only way to solve the plastic waste problem of the world is by taking action and by doing it now.
Join the workshop on Plastic in Ocean on May 9th, and maybe you will play a part in taking the world one step closer to a solution!





On May 9th, students, researchers and business representatives will gather at Clarion Hotel & Congress to address the following themes related to plastic waste:

How can consumer behavior be changed to reduce plastic waste?
How can we collect plastic waste and litter from the sea or coastal areas?
How can the collected plastics be utilized?

Participants will be working in groups. There will be 3 groups per selected theme, each group consisting of 5 persons. The workshop will be a mix of short, plenary, inspirational addresses, group discussions, and opportunities to mix and discuss across the group borders. The aim of the workshop is to support the transition from describing the unwanted situation we are facing into actions with shorter and longer time scales.



“For years we thought the oceans were so vast and the inhabitants so infinitely numerous that nothing we could do could have an effect upon them. But now we know that was wrong”, David Attenborough states in the BBC Blue Planet II series.

The world is facing a growing plastic waste problem. It is predicted that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050.   The plastic waste in the ocean affect fish, reefs and contaminates seabirds. In the bigger picture it affects us, human beings of the world. The only way to solve this problem is by us taking action, and by doing it now.

To take action, Innovation Norway, in collaboration with Ocean Week and Engage SFU invite students from all disciplines, researchers and business representatives to work towards solutions for the growing plastic waste problem. BBC’s Blue Planet II asked scientists what their predictions are for the future of our oceans. Get inspired to take action by watching this video



Whether you are a student, business representative or a researcher, regardless of your background, you are welcome to participate. Send us your motivation and we will let you know if you are among the selected ones. 

If this sounds interesting, tell us about your background and motivation for joining the workshop by filling out this short form:


Based on your background and motiviation, the groups will be assembled into good working groups. Participation is free for the selected students and includes food and beverages. Selected students will also receive a Free pass to Ocean Week 'Clean Ocean' session on tuesday May 8.
Business and experts selected are expected to purchase their ticket to the conference to participate in the workshop.
We are looking forward to create Interdisciplinary Work Groups to work towards: the creation of project ideas or improvement of existing project ideas; the production of drafts and outlines of project proposals; making recommendations on focal areas for further studies and research, political initiatives, etc.


All participants will receive a knowledge package with description of financing sources for further development of the project or funding of the proposed action.

All participants will have priority in meetings with relevant persons at NTNU.

A winning group evaluated and selected by the jury will receive extended advisory service from Innovation Norway and NTNU resources.





Ocean Week



Innovation Norway



Trondheim Municipality


Agenda Workshop Plastic and the Ocean



 Time   Speaker   Afiliation Topic   Location  
09.00 Tom-Ivar Bern
Karl Klingsheim (Sør-Afrika) & Fredrik (Indonesia)
Innovation Norway Plastic and Oceans, an international perspective Andromeda
09.10 Frode Halvorsen NTNU SFU Engage Welcome and Presentation of the Method Andromeda
09.30 Joan Fabres GRID-Arendal Presentation of the Overall Problems - THE CHALLENGES Andromeda
10.00 First Group-Work Session (10-10.45)
Coffee Break (10.45 - 11.00)
11.00 Kjersti Buås Norwegian snowboarder, bronze medal 2006 Winter Olympics Women's half-pipe, Turin, Italy Changing consumer behavior, Simply Straws Andromeda
11.15 Second Group-Work Session (11.15-12.00)
Lunch (12 - 13)
13.00 Rachel Tiller SINTEF Ocean How to recycle plastic from a global environmental governance perspective Andromeda
13.15 Third Group-Work Session - Action Plan (13.15-14.00)
Coffee Break (14.00 - 14.15)
14.15 Presentation of the Group Work & Conclusions (14.15-15.00)