NTNU Oceans Internship Programme

NTNU Oceans Internship Programme

NTNU Oceans is one of NTNU’s 4 Strategic Research Areas, with a strong interdisciplinary organizational focus and activities across faculties and campuses.
Students following a practical course at any faculty/department at NTNU can apply for an internship at NTNU Oceans.

As an Intern you will be able to:

  • Experience NTNU from a different perspective
  • Gain access to a unique and exclusive environment
  • Work in a truly interdisciplinary setting
  • Put your knowledge to work for a better world while adquiring invaluable experience



 Marine and maritime education

NTNU Oceans is the place to be if you wish to increase your knowledge and compentence in marine and maritime science and technology.

Bachelor studies

Master studies

Continuing education: courses and studies that can be combined with regular work

MIT Entrepreneurship Accelerator Summer School

Look at the overview over aquaculture related student and Master projects at NTNU in the fields of biology, biotechnology, technology and social sciences (since 2012).