IEA-HIA Task 39 Expert meeting

IEA-HIA Task 39 Expert meeting


We welcome you to the 3rd expert meeting of the IEA-HIA Task 39, taking place on 12–13 March 2018 in Madrid, Spain. The aim is to learn the latest news on ongoing research projects and industrial advances.


The registration is closed.



Please contact Sepideh Jafarzadeh ( to present within a suggested topic or another area of interest (first come, first served basis). We prioritise presentations with new input. Each presentation will be 15 minutes long. Five minutes of discussion follow.


Suggested topics for presentation

Marine application of fuel cells

  • Opportunities for propulsion and auxiliaries
  • Technical and operational challenges
  • New initiatives and demonstrations
  • Technology developments
  • Latest news on ongoing projects

Safety codes and standards

  • Status
  • Operational experience
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Relevant research projects

Hydrogen and fuel cell economy

  • Economic scenarios
  • Economic barriers
  • Cost-benefit analyses

Hydrogen infrastructure and storage

  • Infrastructure status
  • Material and technology developments
  • LNG versus hydrogen

Marketing and policy pathways

  • Roadmaps to hydrogen adoption
  • LNG versus hydrogen
  • Public awareness
  • Market forecasts

Environmental aspects

  • Environmental analysis
  • Energy management of hybrid fuel cell systems
  • Balance of plant and energy consumption

Research opportunities

  • Research and demonstration funding
  • International and national programmes
  • Research gaps
  • Demonstration gaps


15 Jun 2018