In 2018, the Nordic Oikos conference will be held in Trondheim, Norway, Tuesday 20th – Thursday 22nd February with a pre-conference thematic symposium on Monday 19th February.

Abstract submission for oral presentations is closed but you can still submit abstracts for poster presentations. Early bird prices are available until December 15th.

Nordic Society Oikos' mission is "to support scientific research in ecology and related disciplines and to stimulate and enhance communication between stakeholders in ecological research in the Nordic countries and beyond." 

Every second year, one of the Nordic countries organises a conference to bring together researchers working on ecology and evolutionary biology.

The theme of the Nordic OIKOS conference in 2018 is “The importance of ecological science in society”, with a solid focus on the need for fundamental ecological science.

Our aim is to bring together:

  • the Nordic countries
  • different ecological disciplines
  • ecological science and society

Welcome to Trondheim

Images show sunset over the old city bridge and the aurora borealis over Trondheim city
Views from Trondheim - Photos from left: morenourl/, Sven-Erik Knoff/"

Per Brinck symposium

Oikos journal is organising their biennial and open Per Brinck symposium on synthesis in ecology on Monday February 19th. The focus of the symposium is to develop interfaces between different ecological disciplines. Read more here 

Hosted by:

CBD (Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics)

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