• PEECS was formally established by the Faculty of Arts of the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU) in 1998. The program became operative early 1999. From 2002 onwards, the program has been adopted and sponsored by the Faculty of Social Sciences as well.

  • PEECS is to work as a voluntary association of established scholars and research students (at MA and PhD levels) at the NTNU towards the establishment and advancement in Trondheim of the study of eastern European cultures and societies.

  • PEECS is directed by a Board the members of which are appointed by the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences. The Board of PEECS includes Trond Berge (Department of Social Anthropology, NTNU), Tanja Ellingsen (Department of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU), Knut Andreas Grimstad (Department of Literature, Area Studies, and European Languages, Oslo University), Arne Halvorsen (Department of Romance Languages, NTNU), György Péteri (director, Department of History and Classical Studies, NTNU), and Sabrina P. Ramet (Department of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU).

  • PEECS is to provide a forum for area oriented research carried out at the NTNU

  • PEECS is to organize and support area oriented academic projects in the various social science and humanities disciplines, especially MA and PhD projects but also the projects of established scholars, by launching a series of interdisciplinary research seminars and by putting out a series of papers under the title "Trondheim Studies in East European Cultures and Societies".

  • PEECS is to act as an interface for the students of Eastern Europe in Trondheim towards the outside world, i.e., towards colleagues involved in area oriented studies in Norway, Scandinavia, and in the rest of the world.

  • PEECS is to support the local community of students of eastern Europe by providing assistance in finding and approaching possible sources of funding for area oriented research and teaching.