– Art, Communication and Knowledge Formation

PerFormativity was an interdisciplinary focus area at The Faculty of Humanities from 2009-2014. During the project period several seminars, research events and conferences took place.

Researchers across disciplines and NTNU faculties explored, in practice and theory,  the role of performativity in contemporary art, communication and knowledge formation. As concept Performativity deals with stagings, rituals and events as active processes situated with agency in context. The performative perspective encourages interdisciplinarity and intermediality across conventional academic and artistic territories.

The outcomes of the project encompass academic publications, intermedial performances, and interactive – live and digital – performative storytelling.

From 2015 the work is continued by the individual researchers and new focus areas such as Arts-based Research at Department of Art and Media Studies,

Chain Reaction

– by Elena Perez

This event took place in the streets of Trondheim in mai 2011 as a hybrid form of pervasive game and interactive theater, investigating the challenges of combining ubiquitous computing and game design with theatre conventions. Read morte here.


Performance Studies Working Group Trondheim (PSWG), Spring 2010

Elena Perez and Lise Hovik, PhD-candidates in theatre at the Department of Art and Media Studies invite you to participate in a working group about performance studies in which they shall discuss relevant texts from performance theory that focus on the theory/practice divide from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Four meetings will be held in the spring of 2010. The themes are Presence, Practice as Research, Interdisciplinarity and Play. Join the email list and gain access to the texts by sending an email to Lise Hovik. Read more on the working group on the group's website.