Division of Applied Physics

– at the Department of Physics

Photo: Per Henning/NTNU

Division of applied physics consists of ...

Research groups

Atmosphere and environmental physics

Studies of atmospheric factors effecting UV radiation on ground; as aerosols, ozone, clouds.

Computational physics

Computational electrodynamics of disordered systems

Intermediate band solar cells

Fabrication of third generation solar cells based on thin films and quantum structures. Optical characterization by photoluminescence and transmission electron microscopy.

Laser physics laboratory

The NTNU Laser Lab has advanced instruments. Research here is done both on solid state laser based on crystals and fiber laser.

Photonic materials

Atomic, nanoscale and microscale modification of materials for photonic applications.

Physics of porous media

Breakdown and transport phenomena in disordered systems and materials.


Imaging Mueller Matrix Ellipsometry

Research topics

  1. Spectroscopic studies of amyloidic proteins
  2. Atmosphere and environmental physics
  3. Imaging Mueller matrix ellipsometry
  4. Computational electrodynamics of disordered systems
  5. Breakdown and transport phenomena in disordered systems and materials
  6. Photonic materials
  7. Characterization of nanostructured surfaces
  8. Multiphoton spectroscopy of triplet states
  9. Intermediate band solar cells

Research facilities and equipment

  1. Time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy
  2. Laboratory for thin film deposition
  3. Mueller matrix ellipsometry and optical engineering lab
  4. Multiphoton excitation imaging
  5. Computation facilities for electromagnetic phenomena
  6. Spectrophotometer laboratory
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