Laboratory for soft and complex matter

We study the physics of soft and complex matter, i.e. composite or non-composite materials with easily deformable nano-/meso-structures, by application of external fields, such as mechanical stress, electric or magnetic fields, or by thermal fluctuations.

A main physical model system studied is nano-layered silicate patchy particles, or in other words clay. Clay can form soft and complex structures through spontaneous or guided self-assembly of particles.

Other materials that we study and use as model systems are various types of colloidal particles, cellulose, zeolites, surfactants and polymers.

We focus on the model systems from different points of view, using various experimental, numerical and theoretical techniques. In particular we are interested in natural and nature-inspired materials science, including geo-inspired materials such as synthetic clays.

Laboratory for soft and complex matter studies (external page)

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