Division of Condensed Matter Physics

– at the Department of Physics

The division of Condensed Matter Physics does contemporary research within the broad field of experimental material physics.

Strategically we are well positioned with respect to nationally prioritized areas. The division has been successful in attracting significant funding from national and European funding agencies and have close ties to Norwegian industry.

Research groups

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

The transmission electron microscopy research group is active in broad range of projects within the field of materials physics including nanoscale structural studies and their connection to macroscopic physical properties.

X-ray physics

Using advanced X-ray scattering techniques, we study a long range of functional and structural materials. The laboratory consists of two setups for X-ray scattering and diffraction, and one for X-ray imaging.

Electronic structures


Education and recruitment

We provide a sound education and learning environment, and recruit excellent students from Norway and abroad.

Students interested in an internship or a project are encouraged to contact the division. We offer challenging student projects designed to provide the student with a deep understanding of condensed matter physics which is a qualification for further academic studies. At the same time the section maintains a down-to-earth applied perspective which is explicitly appreciated and requested by Norwegian industry – this is a main explanation for the thriving post-doctoral activities in the division. PhD programme in Physics

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Welcome to SCANDEM2016, June 7-10 in Trondheim. SCANDEM is the annual conference of the Nordic Microscopy Society.