Research topics, tools and techniques

vacuum chamber

Research at the Division of Condensed Matter Physics are closely related to Energy, Natural resources, Health, Climate and Environment.

Research topics

  • Nanoscale physical structure and the connection with macroscopic physical properties

  • Studies of electronic structure relevant to quantum device architectures

  • Surface physics for bio- and oncological applications

  • Molecular structures for organic electronics

  • Mechanics of nanocomposites and microsystems

Research tools and experimental techniques

The main research tools are x-ray and electron based scattering, diffraction and imaging techniques, including in situ experiments.

Experiments are carried out both in-house and at international synchrotron radiation sources. We work with a variety of experimental techniques, including photoemission spectroscopies, transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction and scattering. We also make extensive use of a wide range of synchrotron radiation based techniques, such as surface diffraction, coherent diffraction imaging, tomography and spin- and momentum-resolved band structure measurements.

The Division of condensed matter physics is home to Norway’s most sophisticated experimental setups for nanoscale materials physics experiments, in particular the national infrastructure center for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray scattering and imaging.

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 Randi Holmestad

Randi Holmestad, Head of Division