Power in Political Ecology

Invitation to workshop
Date: 26th-27th November 2015
Venue: Scandic Bergen City Hotel, Håkonsgaten 2

Power in Political Ecology
Funded and initiated by the Norwegian Research Network on Political Ecology and Environmental Policy and the Norwegian Researcher School in Geography, and is organised by the Department of Geography, University of Bergen.

In political ecology, analyses of conflicts in the exploitation, governance and knowledge of the environment and environmental resources form key objects of study. These analyses focus on the involvements of resource users, NGOs, states, planners and (multi)national companies or other actors, including researchers, in material and discursive struggles over access, control and meanings of resources, spaces and landscapes. Identifying power and diverse ways through which power is gained, legitimized, exercised and resisted by different actors in environmental resource governance and at multiple scales is crucial. Understanding power from both structural and actor-oriented perspectives has thus been essential in political ecology, although the concept is not always clearly defined in this field. 

This workshop explores the concepts of power used in political ecology. We aim to provide insight into the theories of power explicitly or implicitly used in political ecology. We invite papers on relevant research in contexts from all parts of the world.

Preliminary programme

Thursday 26th November 
09:15  Registration 
10:00 Dr. Jesse Ribot: Power in natural resource access
11:30 Paper sessions
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Dr. Håvard Hårstad: Power and scale
15:00 Paper sessions
19:00 Dinner

Friday 27th November
09:00 Dr. Andrea Nightingale: Power, authority and intersectionality
10:30 Paper sessions
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Dr. Tim Richardson: Power and planning
14:30 Paper sessions 
Deadline for submitting abstract: 15th September
Deadline for submitting full paper: 30th October
Deadline for registration without paper: 5th November