International PhD-programme in palliative care

The European Palliative Care Research Centre (PRC) aims to increase the knowledge about palliative care among all health professionals.

To increase the scientific competence, a biomedical focused international PhD programme in palliative care has been established by the PRC. The programme is formally established at NTNU and all core collaborating institutions will contribute into the programme.

Enrolment to the programme is continuous. All candidates must be enrolled at NTNU, but can reside at any of the core collaborating institutions.

PhD candidates admitted to this programme will be:

  • provided with updated knowledge within the field of both palliative care and palliative research
  • offered courses at collaborating institutions in different countries
  • encouraged to spend at least six months at two different institutions in different countries

This PhD-programme will strengthen already existing international collaborations between research institutions and trigger the establishment of new ones. It will also help students to establish a professional network for their future career in palliative care research.


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PhD course in palliative care research

The introductory PhD course "Palliative Care Research - Theoretical, Practical, Ethical and Methodological Aspects" is arranged for two weeks in October and November 2016.

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