Time for a little break from intense research

Invited speakers, Ph.D students, and postdoctoral researchers at QuSpin give seminars on a regular basis. We encourage master students to participate at these events in order to get a peak at the ongoing research at the center.


Upcoming seminars

September 1st, room E5-103: Flavio Nogueira (Leibnitz Institute in Dresden). Duality between a 3D topological Mott insulator and a topological superconductor

September 14th, room D4-132. Morten Amundsen. Simulation of superconducting systems in 2D and 3D: a tutorial on the finite element method.

September 28th, room D4-132. Henning Goa Hugdal. Superconductivity in weakly repulsive 2D Hubbard model with Rashba spin-orbit coupling and magnetic field.

October 12th, room E5-103. Marina Jorge. To be announced.

October 26th, room E5-103. Sol Jacobsen. To be announced.

November 9th, room E5-103. Roberto Troncoso. To be announced.

November 23rd, room E5-103. Øyvind Johansen. To be announced.

December 7th, room E5-103. Suraj Kumar Singh. To be announced.


Center workshop

The first workshop organized by QuSpin will take place on October 5th and 6th (2017) in Trondheim. The program is shown below and can also be downloaded as a pdf-file.

Organizers: Arne Brataas, Jacob Linder, Asle Sudbø, Justin Wells, and Sol Jacobsen (local planning).


Thursday, October 5th

08.30-09.00: QuSpin opening
09.00-09.30: Mark Blamire. Superconducting spintronics.
09.30-10.00: Jan Arts. Magnetic control over spin triplet supercurrents.

10.00-10.30: Break

10.30-11.00: Alexander Golubov. Superconductor-ferromagnet junctions: physics and applications.
11.00-11.30: Annica Black-Schaffer. Magnetic impurities in spin-orbit coupled superconductors.

11.30-12.00: Break

12.00-12.30: Matthias Eschrig. Spin control in superconducting devices. 

12.30-14.00: Lunch

14.00-14.30: Geoffrey Beach. Room temperature magnetic skyrmions in engineered heterostructures.
14.30-15.00: Christian Back. Entropy-limited topological protection of skyrmions.

15.00-15.30: Break

15.30-16.00: Thomas Jungwirth. THz electrical writing speed in an antiferromagnetic memory.
16.00-16.30: Xavier Waintal. Quantum electronics at Terahertz frequencies.
16.30-17.30: Meeting for members of Scientific Advisory Committee and QuSpin Centre Director

18.00- : Workshop dinner.


Friday, October 6th

09.00-09.30: Daniela Pfannkuch. Spin dynamics and transport through magnetic adatoms on surfaces.
09.30-10.00: Gerrit Bauer. Spin cavitronics with YIG.

10.00-10.30: Break

10.30-11.00: Andrew D. Kent. Magnon condensates in spin-transfer nanocontacts.
11.00-11.30: Wolfgang Belzig. Quantum non-integral magnonics at magnetic insulator-normal metal interfaces.

11.30-13.00: Lunch

13.00-13.30: Mathias Bode. Robust spin-polarized midgap states at step edges of topological crystalline insulators.
13.30-14.00: Phil King. Spin-orbit coupled d-electron surface states of delassite oxides.

14.00-14.30: Break

14.30-15.00: Ferdinand Kuemmeth. Voltage-controlled spin qubit experiments in arrays of quantum dots.
15.00-15.30: Alexander Balatsky. Dirac magnons in honeycomb ferromagnets.
15.30-16.00: Milena Grifoni. Majorana fermions in carbon nanotubes.


Lecture series

More info coming soon.