Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research

FME logoThe Research Council of Norway provides long-term funding for The FME/CEER Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research.

The purpose is to bring the research at a high international standard, and with the aim of tackling energy-related challenges.

The FME/CEER scheme, advertisements, and current and former centres


NTNU hosts four FME/CEER

CenSES – Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies

FME CenSES develops fact-based knowledge for strategic decisions relevant for government and industry. The focus is knowledge for a national energy policy, for national and international climate policy, and for strategies of innovation and commercialization.

HydroCen – Norwegian Research Centre for Hydropower Technology

FME HydroCen aims to ensure and develop research and education in hydropower related technology. The centre provides the hydropower sector world-class knowledge and innovative solutions.

NTRANS – Norwegian Centre for Energy Transition Strategies

FME NTRANS aims to investigate the development of environmentally friendly energy from a social science perspective, and on the interaction between technology and society.

ZEN - Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities

FME ZEN will develop solutions for future buildings and areas that will contribute to realize a zero-emission society.

NTNU is partner in six FME/CEER

Bio4fuels – Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy

FME Bio4Fuels will develop innovative technology to convert biomass and organic residues to sustainable fuels and energy. NMBU – Norwegian University of Life Sciences hosts the Centre.

CINELDI – Centre for Intelligent Electricity Distribution

FME CINELDI develops flexible and robust electricity grid and electrical distribution grid at an acceptable cost. SINTEF Energy Research hosts the Centre.

HighEFF – Centre for an Energy Efficient and Competitive Industry for the Future

FME HighEFF works to increase energy efficiency to ensure that Norway has the world’s greenest industries. SINTEF Energy Research hosts the Centre.

MoZEES – Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems

FME MoZEES works on battery and hydrogen value chains, systems, and applications where Norway can take a leading position in the future. IFE – Institute for Energy Technology hosts the Centre.

NCCS – Norwegian CCS Research Centre

FME NCCS will ensure that Norway remains an international leader in CCS, ensure that we have CO2 storage in the North Sea and contribute to realize a full-scale CCS chain by 2020. SINTEF Energy Research hosts the Centre.

Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology

FME Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology aims to further developing the Norwegian photovoltaic industry and contributing making solar energy a significant renewable energy source. IFE – Institute for Energy Technology hosts the Centre.