Centres for Research-based Innovation

SFI/CRI logoThe Research Council of Norway provides long-term funding for The SFI/CRI Centres for Research-based Innovation.

The scheme promotes innovation through close cooperation between R&D intensive companies and prominent research institutions.

The SFI/CRI scheme, advertisements, and current and former centres


NTNU hosts seven SFI/CRI

CASA – Centre for Advanced Structural Analysis

SFI CASA works with multi-scale testing, modelling and simulation of materials and structures for use in, among others, the car industry, the oil and gas industry and the businesses in physical security.

CIUS – Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions

SFI CIUS builds on NTNU’s longstanding tradition in ultrasound research for medical applications and extends this to encompass new research areas within oil, gas and maritime sectors.

iCSI – Industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation

SFI iCSI targets the land-based chemical process industry in Norway. The main objective of tje centre is to boost industrial innovation and competitiveness as well as to provide efficient, low-emission process technology.

Metal Production

SFI Metal Production aims to enable industrial innovation and give the industry long term access to world class fundamental competence and candidates. This will enable the industry to maintain its position at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

MOVE – Marine Operations in Virtual Environments

SFI MOVE develops knowledge, methods and technologies for robust, efficient structures and for maintenance of equipment in extreme waters. These technologies will open new opportunities for Norwegian industry and other stakeholders that work in the Arctic, in deep water, and with wind turbines and deep sea mining.

SAMCoT – Sustainable Arctic Marine and Coastal Technology

SFI SAMCoT is a leading national and international centre for the development of robust technology necessary for sustainable exploration and exploitation of the valuable and vulnerable Arctic region.

SUBPRO – Subsea production and processing

SFI SUBPRO aims to become a leading international subsea research centre that provides top quality candidates, knowledge and technology innovations. This will be done in partnership with the most important industrial players in the field.

NTNU is partner in eight SFI/CRI

CIRFA – Centre for Integrated Remote Sensing and Forecasting for Arctic Operations

SFI CIRFA aims to become a knowledge hub for research and development on Arctic surveillance technologies. UiT – The Arctic University of Norway hosts the centre.

CtrlAQUA – Centre for Research-based Innovations in Controlled-environment Aquaculture

SFI CtrlAQUA will lay the foundation for closed-containment containment concepts to reduce problems with mortality and sea lice, and to reduce the production time for salmon. Nofima AS hosts the centre.

EXPOSED – Exposed Aquaculture Operations

SFI EXPOSED develops knowledge and technologies for robust, safe and efficient fish farming at exposed locations, enabling a sustainable expansion of the fish farming industry. SINTEF Ocean hosts the centre.

Klima 2050

SFI Klima 2050 will reduce the societal risks with climate changes and enhanced precipitation and flood water exposure within the built environment. SINTEF hosts the centre.

Offshore Mechatronics

SFI Offshore Mechatronics works with motion compensation, hydraulics, robotics and automation and monitoring techniques to develop components relevant to the industry. UiA – University of Agder hosts the centre.


SFI Manufacturing works with product solutions, automated manufacturing and organizational processes to achieve sustainable and advanced manufacturing. SINTEF Manufacturing AS hosts the centre.

SIRIUS – Centre for Scalable Data Access in the Oil and Gas Domain

SFI SIRIUS aims to provide the oil and gas business with better ways to access and use the massive amounts of data that are generated in projects and daily operation. UiO – University of Oslo hosts the centre.

Smart Maritime

SFI Maritime works with innovation use, improvement and combination of cost, energy and emission efficient technologies which also increase the revenues for the maritime industry. SINTEF Ocean hosts the centre.