Expert lists for journalists


Eivin Røskaft
biodiversity, conservation of nature, human behaviour (from the biological point of view), Africa, evolution, population growth

Tatek Abebe
orphans and the social consequences of AIDS in Ethiopia, poverty and livelihoods in cities and in the country, social change in East Africa, research methods and children, ethics

Ragnhild Lund
international aid, woman in the global south, conflict and reconstruction after wars and natural disasters

Svein Einar Ege

Håkon Angell Bolkan
Ebola, Sierra Leone, humanitarian aid, global health, global surgery, health in wars and catastrophes, malaria

An-Magritt Jensen
cohabitation (living together) and the risk of failure, children who commute between two parent homes, fatherhood, childless men, children's social impact on young women and men, fertility and poverty in Kenya

Tag: Africa

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