Expert lists for journalists


Olav Vadstein
fish farming and bacteria, krill and plankton, biodiesel from algae, bioenergy (microbial), algae shells and solar cells

Ingrid Bouwer Utne
ships and oil and gas: safety, operational engineering
fishing and aquaculture: safety, analyses of sustainable technologies

Anne Stene
disease, welfare and health in salmonids in the sea, spread of infections in the sea/water transport, organization of breeding localities/sustainable operation and management

Carl Martin Larsen
fish farming systems, platforms, ships and marine structures, analyses, fatigue and collapse ships and marine structures, waves and stresses in ship structures, pipelines, accidents and collisions at sea, oil spill recovery, offshore wind turbines, wave energy, ocean energy

Jon Olaf Olaussen
salmon louse, farmed salmon, wild salmon fishing, Norwegian salmon fishermen and views on regulation, fisheries economics, bioeconomics, microeconomics, environmental and resource economics

Grete Hansen Aas
fish nutrition, marine coproducts, cleaner fish, fish farming, biomarine industry

Helen Ann Hamilton
aquaculture, biofuels and bioenergy, sustainability, environmental analysis, industrial ecology

Tag: aquaculture | farming | farmed fish

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