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Anne Grete Hestnes
active house, passive house, solar cells, solar energy, energy efficiency

Hans Narve Skotte
architecture and society, slum and urban planning/urban development in Global South, international aid, development and development actors, reconstruction after war and natural disasters -
The Balkans, Bosnia, the Bosnian War 1992-1995, the reconstruction

Gro Rødne
architecture and landscape, housing and residential areas

Margrete Helen Syrstad Andås
Middle Ages: Nidaros Cathedral, churches, stave churches, architecture, art, art in the nave, dating of objects, religion, liturgy, rituals, cultural practices, women in visual arts

Markus Schwai
urban design, urban planning, typologies (architectural forms and building types), architect's involvement

Steffen Wellinger
architecture, design methods, sustainability, children and architecture

Kine Angelo
colour, colour perception, colour in architectural context, colour and urban space, interior, light, NCS and colour reference systems

Inger Andresen
zero emission zones, zero emission buildings, living lab

Ruth Woods
user involvement, architectural anthropology, zero emission buildings and zero emission communities as community issues, technology development and user involvement, art in public spaces

Tag: architecture

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