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Ivar Berthling
Arctic, landslides and avalanches, snow, ice and glaciers, permafrost, landforms, landshape, erosion, weathering, climate, mountains

Sveinung Løset
Arctic offshore, arctic technology, marine technology

Martin Ludvigsen
under water robotics, photogrammetry, computer vision techniques, system autonomy, navigation, Arctic operations, marine archaeology, sonars, acoustics, hyperspectral imaging, dynamic positioning, geology and biology, cold water corals, marine mining

Bjørn Munro Jenssen
contaminants and polar bears and other animals, birds and fish, pollution, biological consequences of climate

Arne Moksnes
Arctic ecology, ecology of plants and animalks, birds, ptarmigan, parasites (particularly in cuckoos) evolution, human evolution

Hans Jørgen Roven
materials science, metals, light metals for marine and Arctic applications, aluminium, hydrogen storage in metals, fatigue, studies of damaged ships and fracture studies, microstructure, nanostructure, metal recycling, roll, forge, weld

Kaj Riska
ships/vessels in ice, ice damage og loads on ships, vessels in ice accidents, winter shipping

Tag: Arctic

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