Biology and biotechnology

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Biology and biotechnology

Stig William Omholt
biotechnology, systems biology, medical technology

Magnus Steigedal
tuberculosis, microbiology, biotechnology, antibiotic resistance

Eivind Almaas
DNA, genes and proteins, microorganisms, biotechnology, synthetic biology

Atle M. Bones
biotechnology, marine biotechnology, plant biotechnology, genetically modified organisms, natural fabric/plant medicines

Eivin Røskaft
biodiversity, conservation of nature, human behaviour (from the biological point of view), Africa, evolution, population growth

Pawel Sikorski
biomaterials, bioinspiration, biophysics, nanotechnology, lab on a chip

Rahmi Lale
biotechnology, microbiology, synthetic biology

Kai Sandvold Beckwith
nanotechnology, bionanoscience, cell-nanostructure interactions, surface chemistry, (cell) microscopy

Thorsten Hamann
biofuels and bioenergy, plants, flowers and trees, biotechnology, genes/DNA, molecular biology

Martin Wagner
environmental pollutions (ecotoxicology, environmental toxicology, toxicology, endocrine disruptors), microplastics, risk assessment, aquatic invertebrases, mesocosm, freshwater biology, environmental effects

Heidrun Åm
biotechnology and politics, research organization and interdisciplinary, social responsibility in research, innovation and society, nanotechnology and politics, research policy: democratic participation and power, technology management, cooperation across the humanities and the natural sciences

Håkon B. Stokland
wolf and wildlife management, biodiversity and politics, sustainability, Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), cultural understanding of nature, food production and sustainability

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