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Arne Moksnes
birds, ptarmigan, parasites (particularly in cuckoos), arctic ecology, plants and animals, evolution, human evolution

Bjørn Munro Jenssen
Arctic: environmental pollutants and polar bears, other animals, birds and fish, pollution, biological consequences of climate change

Olav Hogstad
the winter ecology and behavior of the tit, woodpeckers

Augustine Arukwe
hazardous chemicals and birds, fish and frogs, interaction hazardous chemicals and biology, climate change, food safety, hormone, interactione gene, environment and health, pollution

Veerle Jaspers
environment pollution, ecotoxicology, birds

Bernt-Erik Sæther
house sparrow, elk, harvesting biology, biological diversity, ecological effects from climate change

Robert Biegler
rationality, memory, uncertainty, cooperation, altruism, sense of place, animal intelligence

Tag: bird / birds

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