Brain, memory and sense of location

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Brain, memory and sense of location

Menno Witter
the brain, memory, learning, brain development, neuro anatomy

Asta Håberg
brain functions, memory, sense of location/orientation, smell, MRI, PET-MRI, fMRI, medical imaging

Jonathan Whitlock
Parietal Cortex, mirror cell, navigation, actions planning, motor planning

Knut Hagen
the brain, headaches, migraines

Lars Jacob Stovner
the brain, headaches, migraines

Audrey van der Meer
infants, brain development, sensory perception, motor skills, premature

Nora Bilalovic Kulset
music and: language, second language, minorities, health, ageing, the brain

Robert Biegler
rationality, memory, uncertainty, cooperation, altruism, sense of place, animal intelligence

Tore Stiles
anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, sleep, loss of concentration, memory loss problems, management, mastery, e-health

Robin T. Bye
artificial intelligence (AI), cybernetics, cyber-physical systems, autonomous ships, virtual prototyping, robotics, internet of things (IoT, industry 4.0, machine vision, brain research, neuroengineering, active learning, flipped classroom, e-learning

Tag: brain / brains | memory | sense of location

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