Buildings and building damages

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Buildings and building damages

Vegard Aune
structural engineering, aluminum and aluminum constructions/applications, steel and steel constructions, lightweight structures, physical security and safety, protection of civilian infrastructure, protection against extreme loads, accidental loads, explosive loads, drones as explosive device, vehicle-born improvised explosive device, disasters/natural disasters and terror attacks, wave impact on offshore structures, risk and vulnerability analysis, consequences of accidents, research-industry interaction

Arild Gustavsen
energy efficiency in buildings, zero emission buildings, zero emission areas, zero emission neighbourhoods, energy-plus houses, passive houses, heat transfer in buildings

Anne Grete Hestnes
active house, passive house, solar cells, solar energy, energy efficiency

Rikke Jørgensen
indoor climate, airborne particulates

Helge Brattebø
sustainability, industrial ecology, bioenergy and biofuels, energy and energy efficiency, environmental analysis, LCA (life cycle assessment), MFA (material flow analysis), water and wastewater, water management, energy in buildings, urban infrastructure

Roger Andre Søraa
robot, cyborg, android, automation, welfare technology, Japan, craftsmen (and environmentally and climate-friendly buildings)

Natasa Nord
energy and buildings, building automation and management, district heating, zero emission buildings, energy monitoring in buildings

Christian Klöckner
environmental investments (zero emission home, electric cars), energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable consumption, choice of means of transportation

Are Oust
housing bubble, housing price, rental, housing market, rental market, personal finance, torts, real estate development and urban planning, energy labels in the housing market

Nina Holck Sandberg
sustainability, industrial ecology, environmental analysis, building stock modelling, building stock energy analysis, neighbourhood energy analysis, energy and energy efficiency, urban development

Stig Geving
building damages

Magnus Langseth
consequences of accidents, disasters/natural disasters and terror, risk and vulnerability analysis, structural engineering, explosive loads, protection, protection against extreme loads, aluminum and aluminum constructions/applications, steel and steel constructions, polymer/plastic materials, lighter structures, impact on pipelines (offshore), lighter vehicles, crash safety, crash testing, pedestrian safety, safer roads, innovation in industry, research-industry interaction

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