Business and business models

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Business and business models

Alf Steinar Sætre
innovation, entrepreneurship, business models, strategy, innovation in established companies, organizational development, change processes, innovation management, organizations, organization theory, communication in organizations, social media in organizations, ICT, conflict resolution and negotiations

Arne Krokan
digitization, sharing economy, competencies for the future, Big Data, development of technology and infrastructure, social media, business models for the media sector, artificial intelligence (AI)

Wenche Aarseth
project management, project collaboration, global and international projects, stakeholder management, project relationships

Hans Solli-Sæther
outsourcing, offshoring, cooperative strategy, inter-organizational projects

Roger Sørheim
entrepreneurship, innovation, early phase financing, technology-based business development, technology transfer

Terje Berg
understanding accounting, financial, accounting scandals, project financial management, startups, digital education tools, business administration

Erik Nesset
industrial economics, industrial policy, innovation and economic growth

Agnes Bolsø
gender issues: power, sexuality, organizations and business, evolutionary theory (nature-culture), queer theory, green politics

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