Children, adolescent and family

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Children, adolescent and family

Nanna Sønnichsen Kayed
child welfare, mental health

Randi Dyblie Nilsen
preschool and kindergarten, children's everyday lives, children and the natural world

An-Magritt Jensen
cohabitation (living together) and the risk of failure, children who commute between two parent homes, fatherhood, childless men, children's social impact on young women and men, fertility and poverty in Kenya

Torill Ringsø
sign language education, interpreter education, hearing children with deaf parents and sign language training

Bent Olsen
preschool and kindergarten, teaching and education at preschools/kindergartens and primary schools, lifestyles

Elin Kvande
paternal and parental leave, gender and employment

Ingunn Hagen
children and media, commercialization of childhood, use of media, public, communication in organizations, yoga and health

Bjørn Konrad Rasmussen
children's culture, theatre (performance, new forms of production), pedagogy of fine arts, cultural policy, education policy aesthetic subjects (including the humanities in the universities)

Anne Trine Kjørholt
preschool and kindergarten, children's culture, children's rights, child welfare, discourse on childhood

Kjellrun Englund
early language development

Åse Bratterud
children, preschool and kindergarten, child welfare

Turid Suzanne Berg-Nielsen
children and parents, parenting, parental stress, preschool and kindergarten, children and mental health

Vebjørg Tingstad
childhood, children's culture, media, consumption

Kari Berg
school and child welfare, teacher and vulnerable groups of pupils, pedagogy

Tatek Abebe
methods of research on children, ethics, orphans and social consequences of AIDS in Ethiopia, poverty, and urban and rural livelihoods, social change, East Africa

Heli Aaltonen
child and youth culture, children and youth theatre

Kari Berg
school and child welfare, teacher and vulnerable groups of pupils, pedagogy

Steffen Wellinger
children and architecture, architecture and sustainability, design methods

Brita Bungum
school, children, family, welfare policy for parents with young children, cash support ("kontantstøtte") and paternity allowance, migration, transnational families, Norwegian welfare policy

Stig Arve Sæther
sports and youth, fotball, talent, measurement of physical activity

Ingvild Kvale Sørenssen
children, media, tweens (10-12 years), popular culture, consumption

Øyfrid Larsen Moen
children, youth and mental health, family-centered care, families with children with ADHD

Ingvill Stuvøy
surrogacy, economy and body, gender, sexuality, feminist theory, sociology of the family

Borgunn Ytterhus
children/young people and social exclusion and inclusion, disability in childhood, kindergarten, school, children as dependents, children and welfare

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