Children and adolescent health

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Children and adolescent health

Nanna Sønnichsen Kayed
child welfare, mental health

Marit Indredavik
children and adolescent psychiatry, psychological health in low birthweight children

Jannike Kaasbøll
chronic pain, adolescents, mental health, parents, anxiety/depression

Turid Lingaas Holmen
adolescents and health, health surveys, Young-HUNT (The Nord Trøndelag Health Study)

Mila Vulchanova
developmental disorders (autism, Asperger's), learning disabilities, language acquisition, second language learning, language development, language and thinking, language ability

Siri Ann Nyrnes
ultrasound, congenital heart defects and children

Audrey van der Meer
infants, brain development, sensory perception, motor skills, premature

An-Magritt Jensen
children who commute between two parent homes, fatherhood, childless men, cohabitation (living together) and the risk of failure, children's social impact on young women and men, fertility and poverty in Kenya

Hermundur Sigmundsson
reading and math skills, dyslexia, math problems, motor skills development, motor difficulties, physical activity, technical skills, sports, generally about learning and skill development, creativity

Tatek Abebe
orphans and the social consequences of AIDS in Ethiopia, poverty and livelihoods in cities and in the country, social change in East Africa, research methods and children, ethics

Patrick Kermit
disability, hearing impairment, deafness, sign language, Cochlear implants (CI), special education, children and youth, inclusion, bioethics, medical ethics, professional ethics, sign language interpretation, rule of law

Per Egil Mjaavatn
high school dropouts, children /adolescents and physical activity, health, sports, lifestyle and childhood

Kari Risnes
childhood diseases, weight in newborns, foetal growth, disease and mortality

Lars Adde
motor development in children -- first year and later

Silje Steinsbekk
overweight/obesity, food eating behaviour, weight and body

Arve Strandheim
drugs and mental health in adolescents

Øyfrid Larsen Moen
children, youth and mental health, family-centered care, families with children with ADHD

Marit Ursin
children, youth, Brazil, Latin America, violence, drugs, streen children, homelessness

Borgunn Ytterhus
children/young people and social exclusion and inclusion, disability in childhood, kindergarten, school, children as dependents, children and welfare

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