Cultural heritage

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Cultural heritage

Ola Svein Stugu
cultural, urban and regional history, national identity

Axel Christophersen
archaeology in historical times/the Middle Ages and modern time, urbanization and urban development in the Middle Ages and early modern time, archaeology and ancient history of Trondheim, medieval material culture (residential, cityscape, commerce, crafts and more), cultural heritage in conflict areas/international cultural heritage, medieval health and the history of medicine

Thomas Brandt
industrial heritage, the history of science and technology, engineering history, university history, NTNU's history, Italian history

Ingrid Ystgaard
Iron Age: settlement (longhouse, agriculture and fisheries, cooking, daily life), death rituals, warfare (villagers, weapons)
land-use planning and culture heritage, loss and conservation of cultural heritage in the landscape

Ole Risbøl
archaeological methodology, remote sensing, LIDAR (airborne laser scanning), cultural heritage management, landscape archaeology, outfield, cultural heritage in forests

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