Cyber security

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Cyber security

Danilo Gligoroski
cryptography, block chain, crypt currency, ethical hacking

Patrick Bours
biometrics, password security

Katrin Franke
investigation of digital tracks, investigation of events

Basel Katt
system security, cyber range, software security

Colin Alexander Boyd
cryptology, crypto protocols, blockchain

Geir Olav Dyrkolbotn
cyber defense, cyber operations

Bian Yang
security in e-health and welfare technology

Stephen Wolthusen
Industry 4.0,  critical infrastructure

Sokratis Katsikas
Industry 4.0,  critical infrastructure

Stewart James Kowalski
information security, socio-technical system security, cyber range, security management, telecoms system security, crisis management, social security, cyber crime, risk assessments

Einar Arthur Snekkenes
security management, risk analysis

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