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Anne Britt Torkildsby
industrial design, product design, universal design, design methods, existential design

Dag Atle Lysne
continuing and post-graduate education of teachers, competence development, expertise in schools, science (the subject), practical work in science, classroom research, technology and design in schools

Markus Schwai
urban design, urban planning, typologies (architectural forms and building types), architect's involvement

Anders-Petter Andersson
interactive music, sound design, musicology, user interaction and music in digital an interactive media, music in computer games, mobile streaming services, welfare technology

Dag Svanæs
interaction design, user interface, digitization, user involvement in design processes, ordering skills, wearable technology, interactivity, user friendly, user experience, maker culture, Arduino, usability testing, user testing, design methodics, design thinking

Andrew Perkis
multimedia, digital TV/cinema, 3D/3DTV, mobile TV, media technology, new digital media, image processing/coding, video/video coding, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), extended reality (XR), experience technology, presence/immersion, quality of experience (QoE), place by design, quality / quality modelling / quality measurements

Peter Andreas Gotsch
urbanization, development, planning, design, social ecology, inclusion, public space, housing, basic services, safety, quality of life, risk mapping, scenario, policy, guidelines, indicators, lessons learnt, «right to the city», sustainable development goals (SDG), new urban agenda (NUA)

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