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Arne Krokan
digitization, sharing economy, competencies for the future, Big Data, development of technology and infrastructure, social media, business models for the media sector, artificial intelligence (AI)

Hendrik Storstein Spilker
streaming services, digital music distribution, digitalization of culture and media, digital infrastructures and algorithms

Daniel Schofield
media education, media literacy, media competence, digital competence, media literacy, media experiences and reflection

Vegard Frantzen
media education, media didactics, digital learning resources and learning environment, media literacy and digital skills in education

Dag Svanæs
interaction design, user interface, digitization, user involvement in design processes, ordering skills, wearable technology, interactivity, user friendly, user experience, maker culture, Arduino, usability testing, user testing, design methodics, design thinking

Lisa Reutter
digitization, development of machine learning, use of Big Data, technology: impact on society and democracy

Trond Andresen
digital money systems

Tag: digitization

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Need more help?

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