eHealth and welfare technology

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eHealth and welfare technology

Heidi Gilstad
health care informatics, eHealth, health technology, health communication, eHealth expertise, medical records

Aksel Tjora
festivals, cafes, social media, communication, interviewing as a research method, organization and technology, patients and the national health services, health sociology, telemedicine

Anders Grimsmo
patient care, general practitioners scheme, general practice, primary care, community health service, welfare technology, ICT in healthcare (health informatics, medical record, communication)

Stig William Omholt
medical technology, biotechnology, systems biology

Andreas Krüger
ambulance services, acute medicine, acute medicine systems

Hanne Rustad
politeness, laughter, linguistic communication, health communication, risk communication

Arild Faxvaag
e-health, health informatics, ICT in healthcare, ICT in hospitals, health registries, patient record systems, digital patients

Aud Obstfelder
health technology, welfare technology, municipal health and care services, humans and technology, organization

Bjørn Morten Hofmann
philosophy of medicine, medical ethics, health technology and its assessment, philosophy of science

Ragnhild Hellesø
interaction and eHealth, municipal health care services

Roger Andre Søraa
robot, cyborg, android, automation, welfare technology, Japan, craftsmen (and environmentally and climate-friendly buildings)

Anders-Petter Andersson
interactive music, sound design, musicology, user interaction and music in digital an interactive media, music in computer games, mobile streaming services, welfare technology

Kerstin Bach
artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, eHealth, mHealth

Nina Kongshaug
cancer, clinical ICT, Helseplattformen (the Health platform), electronic health records, specialist health service, follow-up of patients in the home situation through digital aids, clinical decision support in electronic health records, knowledge management in medicine, interdisciplinary collaboration ICT and clinical medicine

Artur Serrano
welfare technology, health technology, social robots, treatment of dementia, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), usability testing

Tag: eHealth / e-Health | welfare technology

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