Expert lists for journalists


Poul Einar Heegaard
smart grids, robust infrastructure, distributed and autonomous systems

Robert Nilssen
electrical systems, energy conversion, power systems

Halsten Aastebøl
electrical energy, electric power, energy and environment

Marta Molinas
micro-grid, Smart Grid, renewable energy, power electronics

Florentina Paraschiv
econometrics of financial markets, financial risk management, liquidity and credit risk, financial regulation, econometrics of electricity, oil and gas markets, quantification of risk in the electricity business, market coupling, allocation of subsidies for renewable electricity, cross-border economic effects, optimization of hydropower production and of thermal electricity generation, assessment of technology risk for energy utilities, renewable energy, power to gas

Ole-Morten Midtgård
end use of solar cell technology, solar power, grid connection, smart grid, basic electrical engineering, electromagnetism, calculations of electrical and magnetic fields

Tag: electricity

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