Energy and energy efficiency

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Energy and energy efficiency

NTNU is working to fulfil UN's Sustainable Development Goal 7 (in Norwegian):

Affordable and clean energy

Asgeir Tomasgard
energy policy, energy economics, energy systems

Anne Grete Hestnes
active house, passive house, solar cells, solar energy, energy efficiency

Arild Gustavsen
energy efficiency in buildings, zero emission buildings, zero emission areas, zero emission neighbourhoods, energy-plus houses, passive houses, heat transfer in buildings

Espen Moe
energy policy, renewable energy, climate policy, USA/US politics and foreign policy, Japan, international politics and foreign policy, international political economy, long-term economic growth, financial crisis

Magnus Korpås
power markets, power balance, integration of wind, water and solar power in the power system, energy storage, climate friendly energy systems, integration of electric cars and batteries in the power system

Carlos Alberto Dorao
gas-liquid separation, liquid-liquid separation, production, heat transfer, two-phase flow systems

Trygve Magne Eikevik
energy efficiency in industry, freezing, cooling, drying, heat pumps

Natasa Nord
energy and buildings, building automation and management, district heating, zero emission buildings, energy monitoring in buildings

Vojislav Novakovic
energy efficiency

Hans Martin Mathisen
indoor climate, energy efficiency

Stein-Erik Fleten
energy market, commodity prices, investments, green certificates and support schemes, electricity market, corporate finance, finance, economic risk, financial risk

Armin Hafner
refrigeration, heat pumps, CO2 refrigeration technology, ejector technology, natural refrigerants, energy conservation, energy efficiency, car cooling system, store cooling

Helge Brattebø
sustainability, industrial ecology, bioenergy and biofuels, energy and energy efficiency, environmental analysis, LCA (life cycle assessment), MFA (material flow analysis), water and wastewater, water management, energy in buildings, urban infrastructure

Marta Molinas
micro-grid, Smart Grid, renewable energy, power electronics

Magnus Jahre
energy efficiency, computers, processors, memory systems

Christian Klöckner
energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable consumption, choice of transportation, environmental investing (electric cars, zero emission housing)

Martin Hohmann-Marriott
bioenergy, energy production in eco systems, renewable energy, synthetic biology

Frode Seland
electrochemistry, hydrogen technology, fuel cells, electrolysis, corrosion and corrosion prevention, electrochemical techniques for corrosion measurements

Tomas Moe Skjølsvold
the role of science and technology with particular focus on the energy system, Smart Grids, renewable energy, climate change and processes of change, controversy, innovation and use of new technology

Are Oust
housing bubble, housing price, rental, housing market, rental market, personal finance, torts, real estate development and urban planning, energy labels in the housing market

Anders Arvesen
sustainability, industrial ecology, environmental analysis, life cycle analysis, energy systems, energy scenarios

Daniel Beat Mueller
sustainability, industrial ecology, energy and energy efficiency, environmental analysis, MFA (material flow analysis)

Håvard Karoliussen
batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, Hydrogen cars, environmental chemistry, CO2 emissions, renewable energy, energy storage, efficient energy use, material technology, corrosion

Odne Stokke Burheim
energy storage, fuel cells, electrolysis of water, battery technology, supercapacitors, solar energy, biogas

Nina Holck Sandberg
sustainability, industrial ecology, environmental analysis, building stock modelling, building stock energy analysis, neighbourhood energy analysis, energy and energy efficiency, urban development

Bruno G. Pollett
hydrogen, fuel cells

Anders Arvesen
sustainability, climate change mitigation, energy scenarios, energy systems, environmental analysis, life cycle analysis, industrial ecology

Florentina Paraschiv
econometrics of financial markets, financial risk management, liquidity and credit risk, financial regulation, econometrics of electricity, oil and gas markets, quantification of risk in the electricity business, market coupling, allocation of subsidies for renewable electricity, cross-border economic effects, optimization of hydropower production and of thermal electricity generation, assessment of technology risk for energy utilities, renewable energy, power to gas

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