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Film and television

Anne Gjelsvik
film, television

Gunnar Iversen
film history, media

Magnar Breivik
film soundtracks, 20th century music history, music and cultural life in the Weimar Republic

Eli Løfaldli
film adaptations, British 1700s literature, masculinity

Asbjørn Tiller
film sound, sound design, experimental media expression

Anne Marit Myrstad
Norwegian film history, film historiography, film and nation, feminist film theory, women and film

Sara Brinch
Norwegian television, Christmas movies and television traditions, cooking shows and TV chefs, factual television, digital children's literature, historical fiction films, media aesthetics, data visualization, game's aesthetics, photography in social media

Anette Homlong Storeide
World War II (WWII) (history, film, literature), time witness literature, Norwegian and European heritage, culture of remembrance, German history and politics, European integration history, EU and cultural integration, European cultural history, identity and nation-building, Europeanisation

Maria Fritsche
film history, German language films, 1930-1950's, cinema, gender history and masculinity

Andrew Perkis
multimedia, digital TV/cinema, 3D/3DTV, mobile TV, media technology, new digital media, image processing/coding, video/video coding, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), extended reality (XR), experience technology, presence/immersion, quality of experience (QoE), place by design, quality / quality modelling / quality measurements

Julia Leyda
film, television, popular culture, gender studies, American studies, cli-fi/climate fiction, environmental humanities

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