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Fine arts

Lasse Hodne
European art, Italian art, art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, art history, art theory, art and science, cartoon, cartoon controversy

Maria Letizia Jaccheri
computer art, art and technology, interactive media, software development, open source software

Solveig Bøe
Ancient philosophy, art, art and philosophy, aesthetics, history of philosophy

Sachiko Shin Halley
Japan: culture, language, food, art, daily life, Ainu (culture)

Margrethe C. Stang
Middle Ages: history of art, painting and sculpture (Medieval art), Olaf II of Norway (Olav den Hellige) in visual arts

Margrete Helen Syrstad Andås
Middle Ages: Nidaros Cathedral, churches, stave churches, architecture, art, art in the nave, dating of objects, religion, liturgy, rituals, cultural practices, women in visual arts

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