Fish and fisheries

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Fish and fisheries

Olav Vadstein
fish farming and bacteria, krill and plankton, biodiesel from algae, bioenergy (microbial), algae shells and solar cells

Ingrid Bouwer Utne
ships and oil and gas: safety, operational engineering
fishing and aquaculture: safety, analyses of sustainable technologies

Geir Johnsen
Barens Sea (ecosystem), organisms in the ocean, marine ecology, photosynthesis, colour pigments in organisms, marine optics

Ole Kristian Berg
salmon, freshwater fish, freswahter ecology

Sigurd Einum
salmon, freshwater fish, freshwater ecology

Augustine Arukwe
hazardous chemicals and fish, birds and frogs, interaction hazardous chemicals and biology, climate change, food safety, hormone, interactione gene, environment and health, pollution

Anders Skonhoft
fisheries economics, environmental economics, sustainable economics, economic growth, cost-benefit analyses

Bjørn Munro Jenssen
Arctic fish, birds, polar bears and other animals, environmental contaminants, pollution, biological consequences of climate change

Fredrik Jutfelt
fish, how fish are affected by environmental changes as warming, climate change and ocean acidification

Jens M. Hovem
noise propagation and impact on fish and marine life, acoustics, underwater acoustics, marine acoustics, waves in fluids and solids, detection and classification of underwater objects, remote sensing of underwater environments, echo sounder and sonar, communication and navigation under water

Torkild Bakken
fish in salt water, benthic animals, polychaetes, marine biology, classification, natural history, species diversity in the Norwegian Sea

Jon Olaf Olaussen
salmon louse, farmed salmon, wild salmon fishing, Norwegian salmon fishermen and views on regulation, fisheries economics, bioeconomics, microeconomics, environmental and resource economics

Jan Grimsrud Davidsen
salmon at sea, sea trout, migatory behaviour, fish ecology

Jo Vegar Arnekleiv
freshwater ecology, fish and benthic organisms in fresh water

Karstein Hårsaker
freshwater fish, freshwater ecology, museum collections, collection databases

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