Flowers, plants, trees

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Flowers, plants, trees

Gunnar Austrheim
sustainability, ecosystem services, natural resources, culture landscape, biodiversity, conservation biology, plant ecology, mountains, grazing, plants

Hans K. Stenøien
plant evolution, natural history, tree of life

Atle M. Bones
biotechnology, marine biotechnology, plant biotechnology, genetically modified organisms, natural fabric/plant medicines

Kristian Hassel
botanics, particularly mosses

Christophe Pelabon
evolution, animal anatomy, pollination

Bente Jessen Graae
vegetation and climate change, plant communities

Thorsten Hamann
biofuels and bioenergy, plants, flowers and trees, biotechnology, genes/DNA, molecular biology

Terje Thun
tree ring width analyses and dating

Vibekke Vange
garden plants

Hallvard Ramfjord
choice of plants for allergy sufferers, pollen, pollen forecast

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