Genes/DNA and RNA

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Genes/DNA and RNA

Magnar Bjørås
genomes, DNA, DNA damage, mutations, DNA repair, epigenetics, genome dynamics, molecular biology, molecular cancer biology, molecular neurobiology

Kristian Hveem
cancer, heart and vascular diseases, stomach and digestive system, hemosiderosis, genetic public health with respect to diabetes, biobank

Eivind Almaas
DNA, genes and proteins, microorganisms, synthetic biology, biotechnology

Ingrid Eftedal
diving, decompression sickness, genetics, genomics, molecular biology, cardiovascular system, forensic genetics, barophysiology

Torbjørn Ekrem
DNA coding, evolutionary biology, natural history, insects

Thorsten Hamann
biofuels and bioenergy, plants, flowers and trees, biotechnology, genes/DNA, molecular biology

Wenche Sjursen
DNA, genetics, human genetics, hereditary cancer (especially cancer of the digestive system), sequencing, genomics sequencing

May-Britt Tessem
MR spectroscopy (MRS), MALDI imaging, biobanking, human tissue, diagnosis, prostate cancer, biomarkers, omics tissue analyses

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