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Merete Lie
assisted reproduction, reproductive technology, medical imaging, information technology, globalization, Norwegian companies in China - all topics from a cultural and social perspective

Annik Magerholm Fet
sustainability, environmental management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS), life-cycle analysis (LCA), ecolabelling (EPD), sustainable innovation, low emissions society, maritime environmental analysis, standardization

Indra de Soysa
globalization, international aid, human rights, war and peace

Geir Arild Espnes
public health, health sciences, health promotion, training, psychology, health psychology, health care in third world, global health, poor countries, South Pacific, Papua New Guinea

Elisabeth Darj
Ebola, global health, gynecology

Håkon Angell Bolkan
Ebola, Sierra Leone, humanitarian aid, global health, global surgery, health in wars and catastrophes, malaria

Erik Solligård
intensive care medicine in general, Sepsis/Septicemia, narcosis and Anesthesia in general, emergency, emergency department, global health, patient safety and quality healthcare

Tag: global | globalization

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