Hearing, deafness and sign language

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Hearing, deafness and sign language

Patrick Kermit
disability, hearing impairment, deafness, sign language, Cochlear implants (CI), special education, children and youth, inclusion, bioethics, medical ethics, professional ethics, sign language interpretation, rule of law

Vinay Swarnalatha Nagaraj
perception of speech and other sounds by both normal and hearing-impaired individuals, Cochlear dead regions, universal design (UD) for hearing, international classification for hearing loss (ICF): functioning, disability and health

Torill Ringsø
sign language education, interpreter education, hearing children with deaf parents and sign language training

Anna-Lena Nilsson
sign languages, sign language linguistics, sign language interpreting

Nora Sletteng
deafness (I am deaf myself), hearing loss, sign language, use of a sign language interpreter, sign language education 

Peter Svensson
hearing, sound, acoustics, loudspeakers, sound in virtual reality (VR)

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