Hearth and vascular diseases

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Hearth and vascular diseases

Irene Hetlevik
general practice, cardiovascular disease, clinical guidelines, heart disease risk, humanistic medicine

Kristian Hveem
cancer, heart/cardiovascular disease, stomach and digestive system, hemosiderosis, genetic public health with respect to diabetes, biobank

Jostein Holmen
dementia, diabetes, heart/cardiovascular disease, overweight, culture and health, public health, HUNT (The Nord-Trøndelag Health Study)

Ulrik Wisløff
heart health and exercise, public health and exercise

Linda Ernstsen
physical activity and depression, both connected to heart disease (myocardial infarction) and in the general population (HUNT1 and HUNT2)

Lasse Løvstakken
ultrasound imaging, ultrasound innovations, blood flow imaging, medical imaging with focus on cardiovascular diseases

Lars Johan Vatten
epidemiology (public health): cancer, cardiovascular disease, birth weight, preeclampsia, life course epidemiology

Øyvind Elllingsen
training with heart/vascular disease, research on heart/vascular disease, biological effects of meditation

Hans Torp
ultrasound, ultrasound innovations, ultrasound technology, doppler, handheld ultrasound, medical technology, heart, Vscan

Ingrid Eftedal
diving, decompression sickness, genetics, genomics, molecular biology, cardiovascular system, forensic genetics, barophysiology

Andreas Møllerløkken
diving, decompression sickness, barophysiology, zoo physiology, ecophysiology, cardiovascular system, ultrasound

Bjørn Olav Haugen
ultrasound, cardiovascular diseases, handheld ultrasound (VScan)

Håvard Dalen
ultrasound, cardiovascular diseases, handheld ultrasound (VScan), echocardiography

Siri Ann Nyrnes
ultrasound, congenital heart defects and children

Trond Nordseth
emergency medicine, intensive care medicine, cardiac arrest, first aid

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