Humans and technology

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Humans and technology

Aksel Tjora
organization and technology, telemedicine, patients and health care, health, sociology, communication, interviewing as a research method, cafes, festivals, social media

Heidi Brøseth
humans and machines, politeness, grammar

Aud Obstfelder
health technology, welfare technology, municipal health and care services, humans and technology, organization

Håkon Fyhn
humans and machines, memories and writing, internet meetings, aikido, martial arts

Daniel Weiss
how technology/innovation influence on social inequalities in health

Hendrik Storstein Spilker
streaming services, digital music distribution, digitalization of culture and media, digital infrastructures and algorithms

Dag Svanæs
interaction design, user interface, digitization, user involvement in design processes, ordering skills, wearable technology, interactivity, user friendly, user experience, maker culture, Arduino, usability testing, user testing, design methodics, design thinking

Tag: humans and technology | man and technology

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