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Hege Brende
hydropower, renewable energy, R&D, innovation, strategy, management

Knut Alfredsen
floods, hydropower, waterways, environmental design

Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug
hydropower, pumping stations, pipelines and pipeline networks, water turbines, tidal turbines, stream flow, ocean energy, wind mills, wind turbines

Torbjørn K. Nielsen
hydropower, pumps and pumping systems, pipelines and pipeline networks, streamflow

Leif Lia
hydropower, dams, dikes and embankments

Bjørn Nilsen
hydropower: tunnels, underground facilities, dams
landslides: tunnels, underground facilities, mountains

Stein-Erik Fleten
green certificates and support schemes, investments, energy market, commodity prices, electricity market, corporate finance, finance, economic risk, financial risk

Nils Rüther
hydropower, waterways, environmental design, floods

Magnus Korpås
power markets, power balance, integration of wind, water and solar power in the power system, energy storage, climate friendly energy systems, integration of electric cars and batteries in the power system

Oddbjørn Bruland
floods, hydropower, waterways, snow, hydrology

Florentina Paraschiv
econometrics of financial markets, financial risk management, liquidity and credit risk, financial regulation, econometrics of electricity, oil and gas markets, quantification of risk in the electricity business, market coupling, allocation of subsidies for renewable electricity, cross-border economic effects, optimization of hydropower production and of thermal electricity generation, assessment of technology risk for energy utilities, renewable energy, power to gas

Tag: hydropower

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