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Industrial and manufacturing

Terje K. Lien
production processes, automation, machine tools, industrial competitiveness

Knut Sørby
production processes, machine tools, instrumentation, process monitoring

Kesheng Wang
intelligent manufacturing systems, automation, 3D and intelligent data monitoring

Morten Hovd
control and regulation of chemical production processes

Cecilia Haskins
systems engineering, sustainability, eco-industrial parks, oil and gas industry, engineering education

Johan Sjöblom
chemical industry - production oil and gas

Edd Anders Blekkan
chemical industry - fertilizer, methanol, synthetic fuels, oil refining, biofuels, plastics, catalysis

Stein Haugen
risk analyses in industry (offshore, transportation, other industries, the public sector), major accidents and serious consequences

Asbjørn Karlsen
industrial restructuring, social entrepreneurship, innovation, regional development

Daryl John Powell
lean production, lean thinking, value stream mapping, continuous improvement

Marisa Di Sabatino Lundberg
light alloys in the automotive industry, aluminum foundry, solar silicon

Eirik Albrechtsen
safety, occupational safety, industrial safety, societal safety, risk management

Ola Jon Mork
industrial and manufacturing, innovation and product development, entrepreneurship

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