Innovation and product development

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Innovation and product development

Alf Steinar Sætre
innovation, entrepreneurship, business models, strategy, innovation in established companies, organizational development, change processes, innovation management, organizations, organization theory, communication in organizations, social media in organizations, ICT, conflict resolution and negotiations

Magnus Langseth
innovation in industry, research-industry interaction, risk and vulnerability analysis, consequences of accidents, disasters/natural disasters and terror, lighter vehicles, crash safety, crash testing, pedestrian safety, safer roads, aluminum and aluminum constructions/applications, steel and steel constructions, polymer/plastic materials, lighter structures, structural engineering, protection, protection against extreme loads, explosive loads, impact on pipelines (offshore)

Martin Steinert
design thinking, radical innovation, product development, affective engineering, physiology sensors in engineering, rapid prototyping

Annik Magerholm Fet
sustainability, environmental management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS), life-cycle analysis (LCA), ecolabelling (EPD), sustainable innovation, low emissions society, maritime environmental analysis, standardization

Roger Sørheim
entrepreneurship, innovation, early phase financing, technology-based business development, technology transfer

Øystein Widding
entrepreneurship, innovation, early phase financing, technology-based business development, technology transfer

Hege Brende
hydropower, renewable energy, R&D, innovation, strategy, management

Erik Nesset
industrial economics, industrial policy, innovation and economic growth

Stig Roland Ottosson
innovation and product development

Ola Jon Mork
industrial and manufacturing, innovation and product development, entrepreneurship

Oscar Amundsen
innovation culture, employee driven innovation, organizational change

Marius Støylen Korsnes
China, innovation, wind power, sustainability, sustainable development, sustainability transitions

Tomas Moe Skjølsvold
the role science and technology with particular focus on the energy system, Smart Grid, renewable energy, climate change and processes of change, controversy, innovation and use of new technology

Marianne Skinner
innovation in public sector, organization, municipal health and care services

Jens Barland
media management, media innovation, journalism, digital media, content marketing

Daniel Weiss
how technology/innovation influence on social inequalities in health

Heidrun Åm
biotechnology and politics, research organization and interdisciplinary, social responsibility in research, innovation and society, nanotechnology and politics, research policy: democratic participation and power, technology management, cooperation across the humanities and the natural sciences

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