Landslides og avalanches

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Landslides og avalanches

Steinar Nordal
building construction in relation to earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, avalanches and landslips

Gustav Grimstad
building construction in relation to landslides, mudslides, avalanches and landslips

Jan Ketil Rød
maps, geographic information systems, social and physical vulnerability to natural disasters, virtual reality (VR)

Magnus Langseth
consequences of accidents, disasters/natural disasters and terror, risk and vulnerability analysis, aluminum and aluminum constructions/applications, steel and steel constructions, polymer/plastic materials, lighter structures, structural engineering, lighter vehicles, crash safety, crash testing, pedestrian safety, safer roads, protection, protection against extreme loads, explosive loads, impact on pipelines (offshore), innovation in industry, research-industry interaction

Vikas Thakur
avalanches, soil and clay characterization, ground disturbance, soil stabilization, geotecnical modeling

Bjørn Nilsen
landslides: tunnels, underground facilities, mountains
hydroelectric power: tunnels, underground facilities, dams

Alex Hansen
earthquakes and natural catastrophes and materials

Ivar Berthling
Arctic, landslides and avalanches, snow, ice and glaciers, permafrost, landforms, landshape, erosion, weathering, climate, mountains

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