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The Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan:

Petter Aaslestad
modernist literature, history of literature, medical humanities

Knut Ove Eliassen
literature, Enlightenment, modernism, postmodernism

Ingvild Folkvord
German literature

Trude Kolderup
French 1600s og 1700s literature, the epistolary novel, humanization of non-human things in literature

Eli Løfaldli
1700s literature, masculinity, film adaptations

Thea Selliaas Thorsen
Greek and Latin: language, sex, poetry - Roman culture - translate Latin-Norwegian - Ancient in computer games and virtual worlds

Giuliano D'Amico
Scandinavian retrogardism, Henrik Ibsen, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, August Strindberg, copyright history, sociology of literature, translation studies, history of the book, Scandiavian Literature and Westerns esotericism

Henning Fjørtoft
Nordic literature, teaching, reading and writing skills, basic skills in school, pupil assessment, grades

Gerd Karin Omdal
gothic literature, fantastic literature, 1700s drama, vampires, ghosts

Marek Thue Kretschmer
Classical and Romance languages and literatures, medieval literature

Anette Homlong Storeide
World War II (WWII) (history, film, literature), time witness literature, Norwegian and European heritage, culture of remembrance, German history and politics, European integration history, EU and cultural integration, European cultural history, identity and nation-building, Europeanisation

Gerd Karin Omdal
vampires, ghosts, gothic literature, fantastic literature, 1700s drama

Lars August Fodstad
Norwegian language in school, curriculums for Norwegian language, textbooks for Norwegian language, literature in school, the Modern Breakthrough in literature, realism in literature

Randi Bjørshol Wærdahl
Viking and Middle Ages: Saga, political factors, Norway's relationship to the islands to the West and Scotland, Lady Ingerd to Austrått

Julia Leyda
film, television, popular culture, gender studies, American studies, cli-fi/climate fiction, environmental humanities

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