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Endre Sjøvold
management, change, teams/cross-cultural teams, virtual teams, ICT, project- and high-performance teams, group processes, hospitals, team-performance in in-secure situations, crises and military operations

Sverre Quale
management, risks and security, climate and CO2, management, aviation and railway

Svein Ingar Kaldal
work, working life, daily working life in recent times, working environment, power in the working life, harassment and authoritarian bosses, culture related to forest and nature

Eirik Irgens
school management, leadership, change management, organizations

Tore Stiles
anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, sleep, loss of concentration, memory loss problems, management, mastery, e-health

Hege Brende
hydropower, renewable energy, R&D, innovation, strategy, management

Annik Magerholm Fet
sustainability, environmental management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS), life-cycle analysis (LCA), ecolabelling (EPD), sustainable innovation, low emissions society, maritime environmental analysis, standardization

Asbjørn Rolstadås
project management

Kjell Atle Halvorsen
school management, ICT and school management, ICT in schools

Wenche Aarseth
project management, project collaboration, global and international projects, stakeholder management, project relationships

Nils Olsson
project management, property, railway, trains, risks

Bjørn Andersen
project management, stakeholder management, productivity, benchmarking

Jens Barland
media management, media innovation, journalism, digital media, content marketing

Siri Øyslebø Sørensen
gender in organization and management, gender balance and inclusion in academia, gender and career, gender equality policy, gender quotas, feminism

Emil Røyrvik
capitalism, professional knowledge work, organization, leadership, management

Tag: management

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